November 6th, 2020


4 (50) scary stories by state

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The 31st has come and gone, but Halloween can be every day in your heart! The NY Times released a list of scary stories for every state; in honor of the frightening things happening in the US right now, let’s look at some bone-chilling terror of another kind.

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*Georgia: Christopher Buehlman, "Those Across the River". "Frank Nichols, a veteran of the Great War who’s scrabbling to survive during the Depression, learns he’s about to receive an unexpected inheritance from an elderly aunt. "The house is yours, which you must sell," she writes. "There is bad blood here, and it is against you for no fault of your own." Of course, he moves in immediately."

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*Indiana: Michael Koryta, "So Cold the River". "Mineral water with occult powers flows through the pages of this eerie thriller, set at the gloomy (and very real) West Baden Springs Hotel in rural Indiana. Our critic, Janet Maslin, said it "does its best to deliver a King-size dose of scary.""

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